Leadership Principle #4: Celebrate Success!

Celebrate Success

As leaders, it is critical we embrace opportunities to recognize our team for a job well done. Too often, we fail to positively reinforce our people for their hard work and miss a chance to celebrate the results. Highlighting successes also can strengthen bonds and relationships within a team, so let’s make sure we do this!

Leadership Principle #3: Be Accountable

Leadership Principle #3: Be Accountable

An important leadership characteristic involves being accountable, or taking responsibility, for the results of your organization. Your team members need to know they can count on you for such a responsibility. President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk, “The Buck Stops Here”. As leaders, it is imperative we embrace accountability for the effectiveness and overall health of the organization we are charged to serve.

Leadership Principle #2: Empower Them!

In order for leaders to avoid burnout and maximize the potential of their teams, it is imperative for them to provide their people with the tools and opportunities for them to do their best work.

Leadership Principle #1: Build Trust

Leadership Principle #1: Build Trust

As a leader, it’s imperative to build trust with those in your organization. In this video I provide some strategies to do that, using my experience as a school principal as an example.

The Value of Distributed Leadership


Did You Know?…

Geese have much to teach us about leadership! Specifically, distributed leadership. When the lead bird flying point begins to tire, it rotates out of formation. Another bird then takes its place at the front. That way, all of the geese share a portion of the work while preventing one goose from becoming exhausted.

As a leader, is there someone on your team you could provide an opportunity to lead? To take on more responsibility? To grow? I want to challenge you to consider making such a move. You may find that it proved to be a worthwhile investment both to increase the capacity of an individual, as well as improve the quality of your organization.

How is Your Work-Life Balance?



If you are feeling like too much mental and physical energy is being exerted at work, you are not alone. Some of my clients tell me they come home at the end of the day feeling as though they gave their best to their job and are only able to give what’s left over to the people and activities they care about most.

I help many of my clients to recalibrate how they make decisions about how they invest themselves in their professional and personal lives so they can regain the balance they want in both realms. The solutions for them usually take the form time management, organization, mindset, values, or some combination.

If you are finding yourself in a position of wanting to do something different but need some new skills and perspectives to do so, I invite you to contact me for a complimentary design session via my website link below:

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