About Chuck Sheron


I invested myself in the lives of students and teachers for many years as a teacher, (athletic) coach, and principal. During that time, I discovered a passion for empowering and inspiring others to become a better version of themselves. I also found that, on a deeper level, having an impact – making a difference – was reflective of my values, passions, and motivations. Those inner traits fueled that work, and does so now too as an executive leadership and career coach. My experience as an educator sets me apart from most coaches in that I know how people learn best and possess effective teaching strategies to deliver content effectively to the clients I serve. Those clients of mine in the corporate and small business sectors find this to be particularly valuable.

My Credentials

I hold two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree, in addition to my 28 years in the field of education. I also completed a rigorous six-month professional coaching program through Coach Training EDU, which is an accredited coach training program through the International Coach Federation. My certification is in Executive Life Coaching, and I have accumulated hundreds of hours experience in the field helping clients to increase their self-awareness, set measurable goals, identify obstacles, and achieve target results which lead to a more fulfilling career and life.

Who I Work With

Today I partner with people who are looking to add more tools to their toolboxes in order to reach a higher level of achievement. My ideal clients are willing to take risks outside of their comfort zones, are self-motivated, and have already attained a level of success. Now they are ready for their next challenge and are looking for a professional who is able to challenge them further, encourage them when the going gets rough, and provide them with the perspectives they need to chart a new course.

What You Can Expect Of Me

Professional – Reliable – Personable

I bring my full attention, focus, and energies to every session with you. Because each of my clients has their own unique needs, I tailor my approach to meet those needs. In other words, I do not ask my clients to fit the mold of my coaching; I flex to meet my clients where they are at. Additionally, my clients have full access to me. Because life continues in-between sessions my clients are free to contact me via phone, text, or email to bounce ideas, ask for a perspective, or seek a word of advice. I don’t charge anything extra. Instead, I go the extra mile for you because that is reflective of the service-oriented mindset that is one of the foundational principles of my practice.