Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting - Executive Coach Chuck Sheron in Vancouver WAHow can you increase the likelihood of your company meeting its goals, whether that be for business growth, improving company culture, or achieving financial wellbeing? Most of us engage in goal setting at one point or another (including near January 1, when we refer to it as “New Year’s Resolutions”). Some set goals more regularly, on a quarterly or even monthly basis.

Unfortunately, too often businesses fall short of the targets they set for themselves. Why? Not necessarily because of a lack of determination, skill, or grit, but rather due to a failure to properly set themselves up for success.

Business Goal Setting

In my practice as a professional coach and consultant, I work with all kinds of people, including organizational leaders, executives, and small business owners who tend to be highly effective individuals. However, many of them find it beneficial to rewind the goal-setting process to square one in order to construct a sound template for hitting the bullseye they are aiming for. I use the following strategies with my clients and offer to share them with you, as well.

  1. Clarifying Values. What are the principles that resonate most with you? For what concepts will you base significant decisions around? When coaching, I guide my clients in a deep dive into first identifying, then defining, and finally rank-ordering their core values. This creates an anchor to which they can tether future actions.
  2. Establishing Outcomes. How will reaching the goal impact your business? What will happen if the goal is not reached? I help my clients articulate and specify their goals and motivations.
  3. Creating Action Steps. In this phase we get very specific about how to achieve the desired outcome, accessing core values, and keeping the end goal in view while devising a detailed game plan.
  4. Setting Accountability. Building in accountability significantly increases the overall success rate of goal achievement.
  5. Allowing for Revisions. Sometimes the action steps, or even the goals themselves, need to be revised. This is okay. Better to address something that isn’t working than continue with a plan that is doomed to fail. Think of it as the cycle of improvement: create, implement, review, improve, (repeat).

Achieving Business Goals for Growth

One of the key principles I share with my clients is that slow and steady wins the race. Just as in the classic story of the tortoise and the hare, the one who rushes the goal-setting process to get quick results is likely to end up tired, burned-out, and defeated (just like the rabbit!). Instead, I encourage my clients to methodically work through the process and stay committed for the long haul to win whatever race they have chosen to enter.

If you would like some help in achieving your goals with a trained, certificated, and professional coach I invite you to contact me for a complimentary 30-minute design session.