The Lost Art of Storytelling

When was the last time you heard a really good story? For me, it was a couple days ago when my dad was telling me about the time a fraternity brother of his, who was horrified of snakes, was pranked by another member of the house. Late one night, this young man snuck up on his sound asleep buddy with a rubber toy that very closely resembled – you got it – a snake. The fake reptile was dropped into the bed, at which point the fellow awoke in a panic, screaming. But the most demonstrative reaction was from my dad. A light sleeper who didn’t appreciate being disturbed, he grabbed the already freaked-out guy from off the top bunk, mattress and all, and threw him across the room like it was all one massive taco!

Now, if you found yourself at all intrigued by that tale, ask yourself why. What elements did you find interesting? As human beings, we are hardwired to enjoy a good story. But more than simply appreciate, it also heightens attention, increases engagement with others, and improves retention of the content shared. When I coach people in public speaking, I always make storytelling a point of emphasis because of the many payoffs. If you believe you could benefit professionally or personally by expanding your skillset in this area, I invite you to contact me via the box at the left of this page.

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