The definition of No Man’s Land is a wasteland. This phrase was originally said to describe an area of land that was either in dispute, or used as a dumping ground for refuse. An apt description! If you have ever experienced the disequilibrium, confusion, and hopelessness of feeling as though your career were in jeopardy (I have), you may be searching for strategies to help you navigate these times. Here are a few you may find beneficial:

1) Lean Into Disorientation. This is probably a time in which you feel as though you are upside-down, and flipping around inside a washing machine. William Bridges, in his book Transitions, refers to this time of adjustment as the Neutral Zone. Although your reaction to disorientation may be to fight against it, try to gain from this unique, temporary perspective. You may be able to learn something about yourself you wouldn’t have otherwise been in a position to discover.

2) Expand Your Network. There is a whole world out there of connections to be made. Utilize this opportunity to learn from others – who they are, what they do, and how they got there. Chances are, they have something to learn from you too. The point is, get outside of your comfort zone to meet new people and create new experiences.

3) Seek Help. There are professional career coaches out there who are skilled at providing their clients with the tools they need to make informed, confident decisions about their careers. However, not all coaches possess the same level of training and experience, so I recommend thoroughness and discernment when vetting them for effectiveness. That said, a high-quality career coach is worth their weight in gold.

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