Recently in a coaching session one of my clients made a remarkable discovery. She said, “I can’t influence people if I can’t connect with them.” We then leveraged that new learning to create an action plan for which she could take steps toward changing that to become a more effective leader.

The ability to make connections with others is a fundamental component of successful leadership. It’s also healthy to occasionally ask yourself, “How do I know I am actually relating to others (i.e. making connections) in meaningful ways?” There are many indicators, but one such way is if your co-workers are seeking you out, as well. For example, do others feel comfortable enough to say hello to you or make small talk? Do your peers feel safe enough to approach you with a question or an idea? If not, you may need more strategies from which to draw in order to generate the relationships you are looking to build upon.

It’s possible to be exceptional at what you do, but to be overall ineffective if you are unable to connect with and relate to your colleagues. The necessary skills to be successful at this are just that – skills. Skills that can be taught, learned, practiced, and eventually mastered. If you find yourself in need of these abilities in order to achieve your goals, I invite you to contact me in the field on the left side of this screen.

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